Funnels Done For You!
Ready to sell your products and services but the idea of creating the
sales funnel gives you a headache?

Prepared to deliver your webinar but don’t have the time to create the registration funnel?

Itching to share great content in your membership site,
but don’t know how to get people there?

These “DONE FOR YOU” Funnels make it easy!!
Simply add them to your ClickFunnels account,
modify to reflect your copy and images, and you’re good to go!

(note: all templates can be used with any ClickFunnels account level)
Multi-level Membership Sales Funnel
Want to have multiple levels of access to your amazing content in your Membership Portal?  
This funnel provides you Bronze and Silver access levels. Add your 2 product levels to the Order Form and the rest is done.
Change the copy and images, as needed.
15 - Minute Reoccurring Webinar Replay Funnel
This 15 Minute Webinar Replay Funnel has seen increases in optins as high as 40%...  
Go from leads waiting 1 hour or more for your replay, to getting access in less than 15 minutes...

This funnel includes the following pages...
Webinar Registration
Webinar Waiting Room
Webinar Replay
Order Form (Collect the cash!)
Confirmation Page

NOTE: for this funnel to work as designed you WILL NEED access to either FunnelU or
CF ProTools so you can implement the javascript code. Simply add the code to the
Registration Page, and the Waiting Room page in the tracking code area of the "Footer"


Don't have either??  Email me to discuss how I can build this for you...

Product Launch Funnel
Have a product, service, or training you want to launch to your Tribe?
Then here is your fully functional Product Launch Funnel

Following the format of Jeff Walker, this funnel provides functionality
where videos are locked until preset dates and then unlocked for viewing.

This Funnel consists of:
1 x Opt-in Page with a Thank You Page
4 x Video Training Pages
1 x Order Form
1 x Confirmation Page
1 x Reminder Optin Thank You

Link to your videos, update the copy, set the Countdown dates on each Training Page
and you are ready to Sell!

Click Image to See Funnel in Action
Tripwire Funnel Example
Are you looking to attract more prospects, or drive bigger sales?

Did you know that if someone buys a product at a low price, they are more likely to purchase an additional item at a higher price?

It’s called a Tripwire

...and here is how it works

…offer something for FREE plus shipping, or at a low price, resulting in the acquisition of purchases and emails

Then, provide the option to purchase additional items at a higher cost, thus increasing your per order cart value.

Use the Tripwire as the entry point for your clients.

Click Image to See Funnel in Action
Book Funnel Example
Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson and many authors use a Book Funnel to "give away" their book for FREE (plus shipping) with the goal of converting them to a buying customer.

While the buyer is in your funnel, you position an upsell, giving them the option to include a complimentary item after completing the “purchase” of the free book.


Click Image to See Funnel in Action
Product Launch Funnel Example
You have a product, service, or course you want to launch or you’re just looking to build your list, following the Product Launch Formula(TM) methodology.

With this funnel, you may use a 2, 3, or 4 video series leading up to your "Open Cart" or sales window. Each video becomes available at a predetermined date and time.

Following your launch and your cart close, you have the option to convert the funnel into an "Evergreen" or perpetual funnel which can run on its own generating passive income.... even while you sleep!!!

Click Image to See Funnel in Action
Webinar Funnel Example
Ready to hold a virtual live event…a webinar or masterclass?

Use this funnel to register, remind, and host your virtual live event…in addition, the funnel allows the participants to purchase your product, service, or course at the conclusion of the event.

In the example here the funnel is in a perpetual format. Visitors are able to watch the recorded webinar/masterclass at the next pre-scheduled time and not have to wait for your next live event.

This form of the funnel has resulted in some clients seeing a 40% increase in the number of participants purchasing.

Click Image to See Funnel in Action
High Ticket Funnel Example
Ready to sell the BIG Ticket item you have to offer?
Do you have a $10,000, $25,000 or higher $ value offer?

Then this funnel is for you...

Use an application process, provided in this funnel, to qualify the people you bring into your program, making it the perfect group for success.

Let's work together to build a funnel that drives sales, and captures your RAVING CLIENTS!

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